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This game is cute and hilarious!I LUV IT 7/5

Bizarre and surreal but I absolutely love the aesthetics. How ever I feel like this game is a missed opportunity for what could have been something bigger, especially with the art direction, it makes me wish there were more worlds to explore. Overall cute and creative little game! 

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Thank you!

You probably have already but check out Happy World. It is exactly what you're saying and more!


Its just an sandbox game, the physics is sometimes weird, but its a ton of fun!

Already got it

How do you start when the language screen appears? im stuck there pls halp

Use A and D to select the language you want, and press Z to confirm


how do i start the game

run "ZONE.exe"


this game is super neat and i love it a lot! 

thank you! <3

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thank you so much!