A downloadable virtual multiverse for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Welcome to HAPPY WORLD! Restore happiness to us and I will reward you!

3 WORLDs are infested with negative energy. Please consider restoring positive energy back to them!

Here are a list of things that you can do with your keyboard!

  • Mouse - look around
  • R - warp to last position
  • Mouse scroll wheel(while talking) - select options
  • W and S keys(while talking) - select options
  • Mouse scroll wheel(while not talking) - zoom in and out
  • WASD - move
  • Left click - proceed with dialogue
  • Space(while talking) - exit dialogue
  • Space(while not talking) - dance
  • Escape - leave HAPPY WORLD


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"It's a short, charming, colourful game with a vibrant but weird world and characters." - Daily Mirror

While the game is free, there is an option to donate. You can ignore that. Some people think it's a paid game after seeing the pop up box. So I'm just letting you know there's an option to cancel and proceed to download.

Published 13 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorJimi Masuraki
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Mentionsitch.io Recommends: Impossible experienc...


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HAPPY WORLD (windows) 101 MB
HAPPY WORLD (mac) 108 MB
HAPPY WORLD (linux) 118 MB


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Spoilers ahead

Why did you add the "Never leave" part, this game was so innocent till then D;

Oh wait, nevermind.

I just watched the release trailer, i normally don't watch those untill i play the game


Oooh secrets! I can't wait to find out what they all are! ^_^ Sadly, I missed a part because of a sneezing fit though... :(  

Here's my first part of the playthrough


reminds me of petscop... if you, the reader of this comment aren't aware of this game... i suggest you search it up... it gets pretty........... intense.

(this game is gold. nothing makes me happier than helping NPC's)


Whats the best way to run this fullscreen on Linux ? i dont have an option menu and escape quits.

btw music is great :D


Pressing F4 sets the game to fullscreen mode!

F4 to toggle fullscreen mode

and thank you :)


This game looks awesome!


thanks :) you should play it


I plan on it. :)


Very interesting! 


This is a very intriguing game.  You will likely enjoy this game because it is colourful and appealing, yet also is fun to think about and work out.  This one is worth checking out.  

I made a lets play of the game which you can find here:

Happy World is a good game and the dev did a good job making this.  It is fun and interesting and is worth your time. 


why isnt everybody playing this

this feels like it should be a huge mainstream hit but no one knows it!!!!!

very good video game i like to play it


This is an incredible, immersive experience. The music and sounds are so good! So many amazing songs in this game, all conveying a lot of different feelings. That's another thing I loved about Happy World: it made me feel things! In particular there were dialogues that immediately brought to mind personal experiences and conversations I've had with friends years ago. I also love exploring the worlds, meeting each character and hopefully making them smile (unless it's the restaurant guy. I will never hurt NuNu! </3) This game is wonderful at letting you feel like you're really part of the world you're in, from the very beginning when you gain consciousness. It's a lovely experience that I'm glad I could have, so thank you for this!

To summarize, Happy World is really, really, really, really good!!! Great job! :)

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thank you so much! that means so much to hear :)


This game immerses you into a fantastic surreal world that can't be described in words.